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Send a Dildo in 2 Steps

Step 1.

Who do I want to send a Dildo to?

  • We suggest mailing a dildo to a CO-Worker, a Close Friend, a Favorite Live Streamer, or perhaps an anonymous gift for your Boss, Prank a Awful Neighbor, a Dumb Cause or Political Campaign, or even a EX Boyfriend / EX Girlfriend🍌

  • Watch the reactions of our favorite YouTubers opening a Dildo in the mail here.

Step 2.

Lets do it, how do I checkout?

  1. Select your recipient by double checking their address🍌

  2. Choose the Model you would like to anonymously ship.

  3. Enter the recipients address during checkout.

  4. Choose your form of payment for shipping, the Dildo is free!

  5. Your Dildo is then mailed within 24 Hours.

  6. Enjoy!


Choose Your Model Below

TryHard Black Mamba.

7.5 Inches Of Chocolate Passion.

Our Top Seller

The Best $18.00 I ever Spent.”


The Trump  White Chub.

7.5 Inches Of MURICA. 

I have seriously never laughed so hard seeing my Co-Worker open a Package with a massive Dildo inside.”

— Victoria S.

Middle Eastern Thunder.

7.5 Inches Of Anele. 

I can’t stop laughing, this is one of the best Pranks I have done in such a long time.
— Trey L